3201 S. Ocean Boulevard. Highland Beach, FL 33487 


If you have any 24/7 emergency, please call 
Lonnie Vanderwerf at 386-337-4019
2nd, call Juan Restrepo at 561-299-8187 

Finally, call KW Property Management Emergency number


to escalate your route through all the KW employees    

KW Property Manager:  
Lonnie  Vanderwerf Cell 386-337-4019    Office 561-272-8986    Fax 561-403-2999                            [email protected]
District Manager for KW Property Management & Consulting: Brad Baecht 786-510-3535                                                          
[email protected]

Security Desk: 561-272-8986
          Bill SanderspivdGHWjaUax2mdS.jpg     David Berke dh2CLEmbhCzt3Ker.jpg   Robert Rourkeb53TBCCb072tO2fR.jpg
KW Maintenance:
 ay5GgqtQAEVueJS3.jpg  Juan Restrepo (mobile): 561-299-8187    
uxUDzt7tkN6FOHW7.jpg  Sobey Tidor  (mobile): 772-807-2329 

        Automated External Defibrillator or AED, is located on the wall near the mailboxes

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